A good place to start is to open an empty journal and give the blank pages colour with spray paint and build from there. Make your collage interesting by using stamps and give texture by adding strips of paper. Print illustrations from old books or source interesting material online. Make sure that the illustrations and patterns you source online are copyright free if you wish to sell your work. If you are creating just for you, it isn’t a problem. Did you know that you can download high-resolution images from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam? Search for public domain images using the top right search button. You can view my profile and collected works here.

High quality public domain images

Most of the images are public domain, meaning that you can freely use them in your artwork. Images that are copyright protected can’t be downloaded and a little message box will appear. This is excellent because we can be sure that anything else we download, we are allowed to use. Even for commercial work. For example, below is an image of a digital collage I made, using an antique illustration of an elephant. sock-a-bye-baby-small-danielle-molenaar-vergara The fish in the mixed media collage below was also sourced from the Rijksmuseum. august-2017-fish-danielle-molenaar