What is an Entopic Graphomania you ask? Simple. You let the paper decide what you should draw. And this is how you do it. When it’s time to start a new drawing, you normally go to the piece of paper with an idea in mind. But what if you let the paper decide what you should draw? Entopic Graphomania is a way of doing just that. This drawing exercise was developed by the surrealists and is designed to highlight the patterns and meaning that await us in the places we least expect.


Entopic Graphomania

Time to Complete:

10-15 Minutes

Materials Needed:

– Any piece of paper – a book or newspaper works, too! – Pen, pencil, or any other drawing tool you’re comfortable with. – If you don’t want to permanently mark the pages of your favourite book, you might want some tracing paper. Entopic-Graphomania-Daily-Creative-png


Choose any piece of paper to get started. This can be a plain ol’ piece of copy paper, a piece of junk mail, or a page from your favourite book. Spend some time examining the page. Look closely for imperfections in the paper and put a dot on them with your drawing tool. You may not see any at first glance, but don’t let up. Keep looking until some distinguishing marks stand out to you – even if they’re not really imperfections, per se. There’s no minimum or maximum number of dots you need to make, so just keep going til you don’t feel like doing anymore (maybe 15-20 dots). Next, start connecting the dots in whatever style you want. Straight, wavy, or dotted lines are all welcome. Be as interpretive as you like on this – there’s no wrong way! As you connect more and more of your dots, you’ll start to see forms coming into focus. Your Entopic Graphomania will evolve as you make it. Your eye will naturally pick out patterns and this will instinctively affect where you decide to put the next line. Entopic-Graphomania-Daily-Creative

Follow-up Project:

Add colour to your entopic graphomania! Use watercolours to fill in the different fields created by your lines. You could also digitize your piece and colour it in Illustrator or Photoshop. This could grow into a surface pattern design or maybe just your next desktop wallpaper. Have fun! Source